How YouTube Can Change Your Company for the Better!

50% of online searches are for videos. YouTube has become the worlds second largest search engine because of this. Harnessing the power of YouTube for your company can start a buzz about your business and drive traffic to your website and phone lines.

There are three types of videos successful businesses rely on. Viral, Informative and Testimonials.


Viral videos generate the most buzz and views over any other form of video. Everybody has a friend who simply has to show off “the funniest video” that they found on YouTube (We have noticed a definite increase of Cat videos over the last 2 years). Producing a viral video can be extremely hard–but it is possible. If you are going for a viral video there are literally no rules (other than nudity and criminal acts). K-Swiss recently launched a campaign with actor Danny McBride who promotes the company in the most vulgar ways. The only question is, how sensitive is your demographic?

If I could give you a step-by-step guide to making a viral video I would, however this is not possible. There is no formula to making a viral video (other than feline integration) nor is there a way to guarantee it would go viral.


This is where you can have complete control over your content, be demographically specific and be professional. Creating informative videos is the key to successful video marketing. For example, if you’re a plumber, once a month, why not put out an easy “do-it-yourself” video for a common problem? This creates trust between you and the viewer and, if they are successful, gives you credibility. They will continue to come back to your site or YouTube channel because they now have respect for you.

Your views won’t necessarily hit the 6,000,000 mark, however since the video is search specific (e.g.: how to unplug your toilet the right way) you know that your content has value to the few viewers who watch it.


Testimonials are great–Especially in communities. A strong testimonial from a well liked person in your community can do wonders for your company. The trick is to get a strong testimonial that doesn’t look too fabricated, upload it to YouTube, then stream it to your website! This makes your site both interactive and effective.


Effective Ways To Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn seems to intimidate the majority of users. Essentially it’s a formal version of Facebook.

A major upside to LinkedIn is the ability integrate yourself into conversations and topics within groups of your field. For example: If you’re a veterinarian you can join a group called “Veterinarians of Canada” (not sure if that really exists) where you can view topics that touch on the latest policies, tools being introduced to your practice and professional opinions. If you happen to be an expert in your field and you’re confident enough to jump into these topics, your credibility can sky-rocket. Customers are out there watching and they will jump at the most knowledgable tradespeople.

Aside from topics, properly using LinkedIn for your business can open up opportunities to:

Obtain new customers through online recommendations.

Find the right vendors to outsource projects to.

Build your industry network.

Get answers to business questions by asking experts.

Win new business by answering questions.

Raise funding for projects.

Convince potential clients of your expertise by sharing value-added blog content.

Keep your friends close and your competition closer.

The Products and Services tab allows you to highlight your products/services with banners that lead to designated URLs

Asking customers to write recommendations for you.

All of these suggestions are very pro-active as is the LinkedIn platform. Establishing a solid presence in the LinkedIn world is very achievable but requires dedication.