Your Logo Is Sucking Up Your Money

I know, it’s an extreme title…but it might not be a false statement.

We’ve dealt with a lot of companies who are looking for basic print ads. When we ask for a copy of their logo, 4 times out of 5 we get a Jpeg file. If you’re thinking “what’s wrong with that?” then this blog is specifically for you.

In the least amount of words and industry jargon as possible, I’m going to try to explain to you why you need a “VECTORIZED” version of your business’ logo.

What’s the difference?

A “JPEG” or “.JPG” can NOT be resized to larger proportions. If you stretch or alter a JPEG logo, you are going to lose resolution and colour quality. (common files that fall under “JPEG”s: .jpg, .png, .gif)

A “Vector” is an image that can be resized to fit the side of a water tower. It’s resolution is limitless. (common files that fall under “Vectors”: .ai, .pdf, .eps)

When you had your logo designed, chances are (if you got it made by a family member) it was given to you in JPEG form. Now, when you take that JPEG to the printers, they will tack on an extra 2 – 3 hours to “retrace” your logo. They aren’t being dishonest…it’s a time consuming project. Retracing is turning your JPEG into a Vector. The sad part is, they will rarely give you that new vectorized version back…now next time they can charge you…and again…and again.

The other problem is that after a year of saving, moving, sending, re-saving…your JPEG logo becomes “worn out”. It’s essentially like your favourite CD becoming scratched. If you have a vectorized version of your logo…this will never happen.

Illustrated below is an example of a JPEG vs. Vector.

If you do not have a vectorized version of your logo, I encourage you to be proactive and get a professional to create you a logo CD with all the possible variables of your logo.

For example, Three Marketing offers a Logo CD Packages which includes:

  • up to 52 different file versions of your logo on CD
  • colour variations of your logo (black, white, on black background, on white background, solid colour, cmyk, pantone, etc.)
  • orientation versions of your logo (vertical, horizontal, with text, no text, etc)
  • detailed logo guide

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Main Street Location

As some of you may know. Three Marketing has just recently moved to 316 Main Street.  We are very excited to share office space with our great friends from Castle Mortgage Group. It’s been an incredible first year and we’re only half way through! The clients that we’ve had the honour of working with have been absolutely phenomenal and we’d like to thank each and every person who has referred us.

Starting up a business isn’t easy. It takes more time than you anticipate and even more determination. I speak on behalf of both my partner and I when I say it’s an extremely humbling experience. That being said it is an adventure–a rush.

We truly didn’t anticipate growing this quickly. Some businesses alter their vision to match their growth timelines but we can say with pride that we’ve stayed true. Every step of the way we have delivered nothing but the best customer service and design in our region and our efforts have been recognized by many prestigious businesses who appreciate that.

I’ve compiled a list of the companies who saw our potential and believed in our values:

  • Castle Mortgage Group – Steinbach
  • Steinbach Chamber of Commerce – Steinbach
  • Dreamworks Homes – Steinbach
  • The Eagle’s Loft – Steinbach
  • Edge of Time Ministries – Winnipeg
  • The Friesen Real Estate Team – Steinbach
  • Group Edge Business Solutions – Niverville
  • La Cocina Tortilla Chips – Ste. Anne
  • Limitless Interiors – Steinbach
  • Matthew Ryan Photography – Winnipeg
  • Northern Lights Installations – Brandon
  • Prudential Riverbend Realty
  • Shear Effects Hair Salon – Steinbach
  • Skyline Harvest – Blumenort
  • Stem Family Wellness – Steinbach
  • Studio 448 – Winnipeg
  • Unger Realty – Steinbach

We appreciate your business and wish you a fantastic rest of the year!

Mike Burnard
Creative Director