Steinbach, The autoMOBILE City

Exciting new studies have shown that nearly 50% of Canadian citizens are now smartphone users. A statistic that is steadily rising by 4-6% every six months.

Globally it is anticipated that mobile web searches will become the primary method of choice for users within the next year.

How does this affect Steinbach business owners? There are several significant ways. All we know is that the businesses with the mobile friendly sites are the ones who are already prepared for this huge economically altering shift.

First of all

“What is a mobile-frienly website?” the answer is best expressed in the image below. Notice how the Mobile Website on the left has recognized that the viewer is using a SmartPhone? The website recognizes the device then shifts its form and layout to work seamlessly on the mobile device. This makes the text larger, the navigation easier and most importantly, doesn’t upset your viewer.

According to “Serif Business”, ¬†only 25% of small businesses have mobile friendly websites.
Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Contact your web design expert today to learn more.

Mike Burnard
Creative Director


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Estimations for the Steinbach Market have been assessed by relation to worldwide statistics.