Three’s Fight Against Prostate Cancer

Three Marketing is proud to announce their official fight against prostate cancer.

Along with Prostate Cancer Canada, Three Marketing will be both raising awareness locally and online AND raising funds for cancer research.

How are we raising awareness?

First of all, we are growing moustaches and are encouraging the local community to join us as well using a campaign on Facebook. We are making it fun and engaging to make it go viral in a local form. Gathering the community in laughter and creativity we are holding a moustache contest in which the winner will receive an Apple TV.

To join in this contest click here.

How are we raising funds?

Through our new email program “Bloomerang”. Bloomerang is a customized email campaign program used to generate leads and retain clients. For the entire month of November, Three will be selling Bloomerang for it’s regular price ($499) and donating %50 of it’s sales to Prostate Cancer Canada.

Three is also encouraging it’s community to donate directly to Prostate Cancer Canada via their website here.