Why Choose Us For Web Design?

In the last year an a half, we are proud to say that we have stayed true to our mission statement:

“To provide small businesses with high quality marketing services and superb customer service.”

We can’t begin to describe how lucky we feel with the clients that we have been blessed with in the last year and a half. The feedback and comments we have been receiving about our services are absolutely staggering.

As a result driven company, we have to set a standard when it comes to web design in Steinbach. This list of standards is in place to assure customer satisfaction with EVERY website we create. These standards are essentially a “website checklist” that we follow every time we build a website:

Search Engine Optimized Website:

All of our websites are built with the intention of you being found by consumers who are searching for services you specialize in. If you are “123 Roofing Co.” you want to be found when someone searches “Roofing companies in Steinbach”.

User-Friendly Backend:

When it comes to updating your website, you shouldn’t have to pick up the phone every time you need a photo changed. Instead we equip you with a user-friendly log in section of a website for you to make the changes easily.

Learning Session for Backend:

The alternate name for this is “Nerd Academy”. We will sit you down with an expert of ours upon request to learn how to use your website effectively; be it writing a new blog, updating a photo or changing content–we’d be happy to teach you how to do it yourself!

Mobile-Friendly (responsive):

Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a luxury, it’s now a standard. As more and more searches for local services are being performed on mobile devices, we’d like your website to transition flawlessly to your audience’s hand held devices.

Social Media Integration:

Want to integrate your Twitter, Pinterest or Flickr feed to your new website to boos search engine ratings? We can help with that! Just send us the links and we’ll do the rest.

Photo Galleries:

What better way to showcase your services and/or products than with a beautiful and flowing photo gallery on your website.

Complimentary Blog:

We know that the word “blog” may have a negative vibe surrounding it, however, once you sit down with us and discuss the amazing possibilities that are achievable with an informational blog, you may just change your mind!

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics are available upon request. This is a free tool that is offered by Google to track and measure the success of your website–giving you in depth reports of how effectively your website is competing online.

Contact us today for a free consultation of your current website or discuss ideas you’d like for your website!