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Why Choose Us For Web Design?

In the last year an a half, we are proud to say that we have stayed true to our mission statement:

“To provide small businesses with high quality marketing services and superb customer service.”

We can’t begin to describe how lucky we feel with the clients that we have been blessed with in the last year and a half. The feedback and comments we have been receiving about our services are absolutely staggering.

As a result driven company, we have to set a standard when it comes to web design in Steinbach. This list of standards is in place to assure customer satisfaction with EVERY website we create. These standards are essentially a “website checklist” that we follow every time we build a website:

Search Engine Optimized Website:

All of our websites are built with the intention of you being found by consumers who are searching for services you specialize in. If you are “123 Roofing Co.” you want to be found when someone searches “Roofing companies in Steinbach”.

User-Friendly Backend:

When it comes to updating your website, you shouldn’t have to pick up the phone every time you need a photo changed. Instead we equip you with a user-friendly log in section of a website for you to make the changes easily.

Learning Session for Backend:

The alternate name for this is “Nerd Academy”. We will sit you down with an expert of ours upon request to learn how to use your website effectively; be it writing a new blog, updating a photo or changing content–we’d be happy to teach you how to do it yourself!

Mobile-Friendly (responsive):

Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a luxury, it’s now a standard. As more and more searches for local services are being performed on mobile devices, we’d like your website to transition flawlessly to your audience’s hand held devices.

Social Media Integration:

Want to integrate your Twitter, Pinterest or Flickr feed to your new website to boos search engine ratings? We can help with that! Just send us the links and we’ll do the rest.

Photo Galleries:

What better way to showcase your services and/or products than with a beautiful and flowing photo gallery on your website.

Complimentary Blog:

We know that the word “blog” may have a negative vibe surrounding it, however, once you sit down with us and discuss the amazing possibilities that are achievable with an informational blog, you may just change your mind!

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics are available upon request. This is a free tool that is offered by Google to track and measure the success of your website–giving you in depth reports of how effectively your website is competing online.

Contact us today for a free consultation of your current website or discuss ideas you’d like for your website!


Your Audience Doesn’t Care

As harsh as it sounds…this is what we tell our clients to keep in mind when building a marketing strategy. Create your advertising with the knowledge that the general public doesn’t care. This will force you to be effective as possible in the least amount of time.

The average person is exposed to over 10,000 forms of marketing on a daily basis…that’s 7 messages a minute! That gives each piece of marketing 8.5 seconds to get their message across. The only way you get those 8.5 seconds is by grabbing their attention and in the marketing clutter of today, it’s not easy.

If you had 8.5 seconds to tell someone about your company, would you bombard them with information faster than you can speak? Or would you rather give them something to remember you by–an incentive that gives you permission to have their full attention later down the road.

As a small business owner, I personally find it hard to do this. I take pride in my business and am excited to talk about it–it’s human nature; However human nature has it’s counterparts: where one cares, the other does not.


Steinbach Graphic Design

Graphic Design In Steinbach

Three Marketing’s biggest advice to local businesses when it come to branding goes:

Don’t Sell Your Brand Integrity Short.

Far too often you see a company who invested in their logo and their website but compromise when it comes to any future graphic design. Shoddy flyers, tacky tag lines, clip-art ads, poor font selection (namely the use of the dreaded “Comic Sans”)–the list goes on. All of these marketing faux-pas’ can be detrimental to your brand.

If you want to be viewed as an industry leader, you must look the part. Having a team member or outsourced vendor dedicated to cross platform brand integrity helps sustain the life of your brand; It also ensures that your customers aren’t confused when they see promotional materials from you.

If the following  graphic design items aren’t strengthening your brand…they are hurting it:

  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Online Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Social Media Images

There are many self proclaimed graphic designers all around the world. Some online, some from right here in Steinbach–some said to be from Steinbach but are outsourcing to India or the Ukraine. Many of these graphic designers are great and many, not.

We at Three Marketing can assure you that ALL of our services are local (that includes web development and hosting as well) and we take pride in it. The graphic design that we offer is nothing short of industry standards. Our team is always using the latest graphic design software, keeping up to date with the latest graphic design trends and most importantly we are sitting down with our clients and acquiring specific direction and information on their businesses.

Graphic design doesn’t have to break the bank, in fact we are proud to announce that our graphic design rates aren’t marked up from 15 minutes to equalling an hour. Often a small ad only takes a half hour so and you can rest assured knowing that you will be billed at an honest rate.

steinbach graphic design

steinbach graphic design


Email Marketing More Effective Than Ever

From one business owner to another, I can honestly say that our #1 sales tool in 2012 was our email campaign and tracking program “Bloomerang”. This program has absolutely everything a business needs when it comes to email marketing.

What does Bloomerang offer?

  • Drives traffic to your website or Facebook page
  • Gently reminds customers about your brand
  • Informs customers of “insider” promotions
  • Allows you to track how interested they are in your content so you can make refinements
  • Gives a geographical insight as to where your clients are based
  • Very mobile friendly

Fun Stats:


54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their websites and strorefronts

Source: DMA Interactive



69% of US e-mail users have made online purchases as a result of receiving permission e-mail marketing.

Source: DoubleClick


Permission-based email is far and away the preferred method of communication for consumers. 78% of consumers rated email as their preferred way to hear from their favourite merchants and businesses.

Source: DoubleClick

Happy Wife. Poor Husband.

Happy Wife. Happy Life. As a newly-wed I can’t begin to explain how many times I’ve been told this by not only respected elders, but strangers in retail stores as well. I always thought that as a husband it would be my duty to handle the finances, it took me only but a month to realize that “handling finances” in marriage language translates into “balance the chequebook and pay back mastercard”.

As a marketer, I pay attention to advertising more than the average person. It suddenly hit me one day (I believe I was standing in HomeSense with a box of scented candles and our now 4th vintage styled wall clock) that at the end of the day, my wife is holding the plastic card.

Looking into this more we found some statistics that we expected but not at such high numbers. It turns out that the majority of households in North America feature women who make final purchase decisions for nearly all products.

The infographic below features the data we collected. (click the image to enlarge it)

web design steinbach

Not only is this information interesting but it can help you with future advertising and marketing campaigns. Don’t appeal to the masses, appeal to your demographic.


Three’s Fight Against Prostate Cancer

Three Marketing is proud to announce their official fight against prostate cancer.

Along with Prostate Cancer Canada, Three Marketing will be both raising awareness locally and online AND raising funds for cancer research.

How are we raising awareness?

First of all, we are growing moustaches and are encouraging the local community to join us as well using a campaign on Facebook. We are making it fun and engaging to make it go viral in a local form. Gathering the community in laughter and creativity we are holding a moustache contest in which the winner will receive an Apple TV.

To join in this contest click here.

How are we raising funds?

Through our new email program “Bloomerang”. Bloomerang is a customized email campaign program used to generate leads and retain clients. For the entire month of November, Three will be selling Bloomerang for it’s regular price ($499) and donating %50 of it’s sales to Prostate Cancer Canada.

Three is also encouraging it’s community to donate directly to Prostate Cancer Canada via their website here.


Steinbach, The autoMOBILE City

Exciting new studies have shown that nearly 50% of Canadian citizens are now smartphone users. A statistic that is steadily rising by 4-6% every six months.

Globally it is anticipated that mobile web searches will become the primary method of choice for users within the next year.

How does this affect Steinbach business owners? There are several significant ways. All we know is that the businesses with the mobile friendly sites are the ones who are already prepared for this huge economically altering shift.

First of all

“What is a mobile-frienly website?” the answer is best expressed in the image below. Notice how the Mobile Website on the left has recognized that the viewer is using a SmartPhone? The website recognizes the device then shifts its form and layout to work seamlessly on the mobile device. This makes the text larger, the navigation easier and most importantly, doesn’t upset your viewer.

According to “Serif Business”,  only 25% of small businesses have mobile friendly websites.
Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Contact your web design expert today to learn more.

Mike Burnard
Creative Director


*Information gathered from:

Estimations for the Steinbach Market have been assessed by relation to worldwide statistics.


Your Logo Is Sucking Up Your Money

I know, it’s an extreme title…but it might not be a false statement.

We’ve dealt with a lot of companies who are looking for basic print ads. When we ask for a copy of their logo, 4 times out of 5 we get a Jpeg file. If you’re thinking “what’s wrong with that?” then this blog is specifically for you.

In the least amount of words and industry jargon as possible, I’m going to try to explain to you why you need a “VECTORIZED” version of your business’ logo.

What’s the difference?

A “JPEG” or “.JPG” can NOT be resized to larger proportions. If you stretch or alter a JPEG logo, you are going to lose resolution and colour quality. (common files that fall under “JPEG”s: .jpg, .png, .gif)

A “Vector” is an image that can be resized to fit the side of a water tower. It’s resolution is limitless. (common files that fall under “Vectors”: .ai, .pdf, .eps)

When you had your logo designed, chances are (if you got it made by a family member) it was given to you in JPEG form. Now, when you take that JPEG to the printers, they will tack on an extra 2 – 3 hours to “retrace” your logo. They aren’t being dishonest…it’s a time consuming project. Retracing is turning your JPEG into a Vector. The sad part is, they will rarely give you that new vectorized version back…now next time they can charge you…and again…and again.

The other problem is that after a year of saving, moving, sending, re-saving…your JPEG logo becomes “worn out”. It’s essentially like your favourite CD becoming scratched. If you have a vectorized version of your logo…this will never happen.

Illustrated below is an example of a JPEG vs. Vector.

If you do not have a vectorized version of your logo, I encourage you to be proactive and get a professional to create you a logo CD with all the possible variables of your logo.

For example, Three Marketing offers a Logo CD Packages which includes:

  • up to 52 different file versions of your logo on CD
  • colour variations of your logo (black, white, on black background, on white background, solid colour, cmyk, pantone, etc.)
  • orientation versions of your logo (vertical, horizontal, with text, no text, etc)
  • detailed logo guide

Contact us today to learn more! – 204.346.4418





How Your Brand Is Affecting Your Business

The new culture of consumers is beginning to flood the market. Are you and your business ready?

Where “Quality” was once an admired standard and a main selling feature–it has been replaced by “Appeal”.

The new culture of buyers not only have to be provided with supreme and immediate quality (the attention span of this generation is: NOW), they must also be entertained and drawn in.

The simplest way to do this is to ensure that your current brand not only fits your business…it must also fit your client.

For example: Trades-workers (renovators, plumbers, electricians, residential landscapers, etc)

The majority of trades-workers generally feel obligated to brand themselves as “tough” and “grungy” when it comes to logos and aesthetic design.

Who are their customers?

Studies show that when it comes to home products and services over 75% of women have the final say in where the money is spent.

Will the women chose this?

With Steinbach growing so fast in population (22% increase since 2008) and more choices than ever, consumers will be looking for the brand that appeals to them.

Who signs the cheque at the end of the job?

Does your brand look cool to you? …does it appeal to your customers?


9 Easy Ways to Use Facebook Effectively for Your Business

Despite what you may think, more people use Facebook than your teenage daughter and her peers. Facebook is now the home to over 800,000,000 active users today.

Before we go on to write about the steps to turning your small business into a Facebook success, here are some stats from “Search Engine People” to encourage you about the effectiveness of using Facebook as an efficient lead generator.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world!

Canadians use Facebook more than ANY other country.

The average user spends 20 minutes per day on Facebook

44% of women aged 18-24 check their Facebook status BEFORE going to the washroom when they wake up in the morning.

If you want your business to grow, you need to meet your customers where they’re at. Facebook is doing nothing but growing. This is a chance for your company to have an interactive presence, while creating mind-share.


Now that I have your attention, lets make Facebook work, shall we? Here are 9 suggestions for you to use to make your Facebook page a lead generator!

1) Be interactive!

Since we are gearing this blog towards smaller sized businesses, we can truly focus on giving your company a personality. Facebook isn’t a high-strung, game-face, cutthroat environment–it’s a comfortable, relaxed and personable place for people to communicate. If a person comments on your status update or leaves a wall post saying “I love your work”, show them love right back! Be sure to spell check and be polite.

2) Update Update Update:

If you are choosing to use social media as a tool, remain vigilant with your updates! Setting up a schedule or reminders on your phone are great ways to stay consistent with your online presence. If your viewers see that you haven’t checked your page in 3 weeks, chances are they won’t be dropping you a line.

3) Photos:

Recently have a company BBQ? Have a client win a monthly draw? These are all occasions when photos are taken and people are interested in. Don’t be afraid to show candid shots of your employees laughing…or you for that matter!

4) Tell Your Friends!:

There is no shame in inviting all of your friends on Facebook to your company page. The more the merrier. If your friend Joe has another hundred friends and he “likes” your business page, they will see! Who knows how many people your friends can influence!

5) Polls:

This is an underrated tool that Facebook provides for free! Right above your status update, there are options listed. One of these options are “Questions”. When you use this feature you can ask your followers any question and list choices for them to select. Facebook automatically tallies the votes and lets you know what your audience wants!

As you can see, I could go on forever about Facebook. The possibilities with social media are endless! The backbone being Facebook. Feel free to follow us on our Facebook page and be sure to check out our blog next week about how Twitter is taking over the nation and how YOU can use it to bring in even more business for your company!