web design / social media

Castle Mortgage was one of our earliest clients and a client we still love to hear from to this day. When we sat down with the owner of the Steinbach branch, he told us he was looking for a website similar to the one he already had, but simplified. He also opened up his mind to the possibilities of social media and how it could effectively influence his online traffic and local mind-share.


For the web design aspect, we focused on the Castle Mortgage brand and brought it to life in the online world by introducing moving sliders with catchy advertising tags. We also sectioned off the site in an organized and simple manner to make navigation straight-forward and efficient. For social media, we encouraged online contests to drive users to “Like” the brand on Facebook. This has now brought them up to nearly 1,000 local (and relevant) followers on Facebook.


Since building the new site and implementing online ads and a social media strategy, Castle Mortgage has had the highest online traffic they have yet to experience. This in turn has given them a very successful (and busy) two years. We are happy to have such a great and fun relationship with this wonderful company. (Side note, Matt Wieler from Castle Mortgage also helped our creative director Mike Burnard purchase his first house!)

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