branding / web

Heritage Lane Builders are a custom residential and commercial builder based out of Niverville, Manitoba. This team of dedicated workers were exceptionally fun to work alongside with. Originally they mentioned a need for a new website, one that could really feature their beautiful homes. After our initial meeting, it came to light that a re-brand was also in the mix.


Before beginning the new website design project, we encouraged Heritage Lane to first settle on a logo. What they were looking for in a logo was an image that exemplified their focus as a builder: residential and condominiums. They also were leaning towards the letter “H” as their benchmark.

For a website design, Heritage Lane was hoping for a site that had strong brand equity and really showcased the homes they both built and sold complete with an easy to update backend. Also making this website mobile and tablet friendly was another request (which is now mandatory with all website design by Three).


As you can see above, the logo request was a success. We managed to incorporate both condo and residential buildings into the logo while showcasing their new “H” graphic. For the website, you will see how we carefully crafted a website that featured strong photography sections to make their portfolio strong and beautiful. See the mobile versions on your devices as well!

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