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Three Marketing’s biggest advice to local businesses when it come to branding goes:

Don’t Sell Your Brand Integrity Short.

Far too often you see a company who invested in their logo and their website but compromise when it comes to any future graphic design. Shoddy flyers, tacky tag lines, clip-art ads, poor font selection (namely the use of the dreaded “Comic Sans”)–the list goes on. All of these marketing faux-pas’ can be detrimental to your brand.

If you want to be viewed as an industry leader, you must look the part. Having a team member or outsourced vendor dedicated to cross platform brand integrity helps sustain the life of your brand; It also ensures that your customers aren’t confused when they see promotional materials from you.

If the following ¬†graphic design items aren’t strengthening your brand…they are hurting it:

  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Online Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Social Media Images

There are many self proclaimed graphic designers all around the world. Some online, some from right here in Steinbach–some said to be from Steinbach but are outsourcing to India or the Ukraine. Many of these graphic designers are great and many, not.

We at Three Marketing can assure you that ALL of our services are local (that includes web development and hosting as well) and we take pride in it. The graphic design that we offer is nothing short of industry standards. Our team is always using the latest graphic design software, keeping up to date with the latest graphic design trends and most importantly we are sitting down with our clients and acquiring specific direction and information on their businesses.

Graphic design doesn’t have to break the bank, in fact we are proud to announce that our graphic design rates aren’t marked up from 15 minutes to equalling an hour. Often a small ad only takes a half hour so and you can rest assured knowing that you will be billed at an honest rate.

steinbach graphic design

steinbach graphic design

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