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5 Easy Twitter Ideas

Next in our “Social Media Saga” is the platform known as “Twitter”.

Twitter is used for many different reasons, if you’re an avid Justin Bieber fan (Hey, don’t judge) you can then “follow” him on Twitter and get updates any time he posts. For the most part, celebrity Twitters have the most followers, however; Brands are now turning to Twitter as an effective marketing tool!

Listed below are 5 simple ideas for Twitter, they’re easy steps for the Twitter user who doesn’t want to become too involved.

Tip 1. Follow professionals you can learn from:

Every line of work has an expert in the field SOMEWHERE in the world who tweets. Very often you can get easy to read, tips and tricks to strengthen your company OR to stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry.

Tip 2. Download Tweet Deck:

Tweet Deck is an extremely useful tool for businesses. It allows you to add ALL of your social platform accounts into one application. You can ALSO use the schedule function to send out Tweets (or other platform updates) at specific times of the day OR days of the week! Essentially, you can sit down on a Monday morning and write all your tweets for the day or week and let Tweet Deck do the rest! To learn more about Tweet Deck visit www.TweetDeck.com

Tip 3. Advertise Your Website:

While using Twitter, you can stumble upon users who are posting advice OR seeking advice. This is a great opportunity to link them to your website to drive traffic into your company!

Tip 4. Tell Your Friends:

Once again, some people don’t want their friends to get involved in their social media strategies. The key word here is “Social” if you have friends, they are sure to have friends who haven’t heard of your business! Be conversational.

Tip 5. Promotional Deals:

Let your clients know that you have a company Twitter; If you are a business-to-customer company, tell your clients that Twitter followers get access to special promotional items otherwise unavailable to regular clients.

Once again, these blogs are geared towards small Manitoba businesses and are not necessarily advisable on a corporate level. Be sure to read our blog next week when we address Linked In!