Steinbach, The autoMOBILE City

Exciting new studies have shown that nearly 50% of Canadian citizens are now smartphone users. A statistic that is steadily rising by 4-6% every six months.

Globally it is anticipated that mobile web searches will become the primary method of choice for users within the next year.

How does this affect Steinbach business owners? There are several significant ways. All we know is that the businesses with the mobile friendly sites are the ones who are already prepared for this huge economically altering shift.

First of all

“What is a mobile-frienly website?” the answer is best expressed in the image below. Notice how the Mobile Website on the left has recognized that the viewer is using a SmartPhone? The website recognizes the device then shifts its form and layout to work seamlessly on the mobile device. This makes the text larger, the navigation easier and most importantly, doesn’t upset your viewer.

According to “Serif Business”,  only 25% of small businesses have mobile friendly websites.
Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Contact your web design expert today to learn more.

Mike Burnard
Creative Director


*Information gathered from:

Estimations for the Steinbach Market have been assessed by relation to worldwide statistics.


Your Logo Is Sucking Up Your Money

I know, it’s an extreme title…but it might not be a false statement.

We’ve dealt with a lot of companies who are looking for basic print ads. When we ask for a copy of their logo, 4 times out of 5 we get a Jpeg file. If you’re thinking “what’s wrong with that?” then this blog is specifically for you.

In the least amount of words and industry jargon as possible, I’m going to try to explain to you why you need a “VECTORIZED” version of your business’ logo.

What’s the difference?

A “JPEG” or “.JPG” can NOT be resized to larger proportions. If you stretch or alter a JPEG logo, you are going to lose resolution and colour quality. (common files that fall under “JPEG”s: .jpg, .png, .gif)

A “Vector” is an image that can be resized to fit the side of a water tower. It’s resolution is limitless. (common files that fall under “Vectors”: .ai, .pdf, .eps)

When you had your logo designed, chances are (if you got it made by a family member) it was given to you in JPEG form. Now, when you take that JPEG to the printers, they will tack on an extra 2 – 3 hours to “retrace” your logo. They aren’t being dishonest…it’s a time consuming project. Retracing is turning your JPEG into a Vector. The sad part is, they will rarely give you that new vectorized version back…now next time they can charge you…and again…and again.

The other problem is that after a year of saving, moving, sending, re-saving…your JPEG logo becomes “worn out”. It’s essentially like your favourite CD becoming scratched. If you have a vectorized version of your logo…this will never happen.

Illustrated below is an example of a JPEG vs. Vector.

If you do not have a vectorized version of your logo, I encourage you to be proactive and get a professional to create you a logo CD with all the possible variables of your logo.

For example, Three Marketing offers a Logo CD Packages which includes:

  • up to 52 different file versions of your logo on CD
  • colour variations of your logo (black, white, on black background, on white background, solid colour, cmyk, pantone, etc.)
  • orientation versions of your logo (vertical, horizontal, with text, no text, etc)
  • detailed logo guide

Contact us today to learn more! – 204.346.4418





Main Street Location

As some of you may know. Three Marketing has just recently moved to 316 Main Street.  We are very excited to share office space with our great friends from Castle Mortgage Group. It’s been an incredible first year and we’re only half way through! The clients that we’ve had the honour of working with have been absolutely phenomenal and we’d like to thank each and every person who has referred us.

Starting up a business isn’t easy. It takes more time than you anticipate and even more determination. I speak on behalf of both my partner and I when I say it’s an extremely humbling experience. That being said it is an adventure–a rush.

We truly didn’t anticipate growing this quickly. Some businesses alter their vision to match their growth timelines but we can say with pride that we’ve stayed true. Every step of the way we have delivered nothing but the best customer service and design in our region and our efforts have been recognized by many prestigious businesses who appreciate that.

I’ve compiled a list of the companies who saw our potential and believed in our values:

  • Castle Mortgage Group – Steinbach
  • Steinbach Chamber of Commerce – Steinbach
  • Dreamworks Homes – Steinbach
  • The Eagle’s Loft – Steinbach
  • Edge of Time Ministries – Winnipeg
  • The Friesen Real Estate Team – Steinbach
  • Group Edge Business Solutions – Niverville
  • La Cocina Tortilla Chips – Ste. Anne
  • Limitless Interiors – Steinbach
  • Matthew Ryan Photography – Winnipeg
  • Northern Lights Installations – Brandon
  • Prudential Riverbend Realty
  • Shear Effects Hair Salon – Steinbach
  • Skyline Harvest – Blumenort
  • Stem Family Wellness – Steinbach
  • Studio 448 – Winnipeg
  • Unger Realty – Steinbach

We appreciate your business and wish you a fantastic rest of the year!

Mike Burnard
Creative Director


Website Design: 5 Reasons Why Most Websites Fail

After only six months of making our presence known here in Steinbach, Three Marketing has already helped several businesses created websites that prove to bring in more sales than ever before. We take pride in designing webpages that pay for themselves.

When it comes to websites and web design there are many misconceptions that business owners have. The biggest one being:

Why can’t I get away with buying a $500 website?

The cold hard answer to this question:

You get what you pay for.

A website that costs you $500 is inexpensive for several reasons:

1) Poor Google/Search Engine Rankings

This is the biggest problem a business can have with their website. The goal of your website is to be a 24/7 salesman. This is met by showing up on Google. You may be saying “Yeah Mike, but if I type on Google “my business name Steinbach” I show up just fine”–that’s not what I’m talking about. When a person in need of a service or product, he or she goes directly to Google…it is just like going through the yellow pages. They will search “Steinbach Marketing”, not “Three Marketing”. You’re website will do it’s job when people find you organically in that manner.

2) Poor design

The average time a viewer spends on a site when searching for a product or service is less than 7 seconds. If your site doesn’t contain grabbing information accented with a sleek and easy to read look…you’ve lost a potential client to the next competitor on the list.

3) Poor Functionality

If your website is built by a designer who isn’t up to date with the changing online world, your website will most likely be flawed or end up with coding errors that won’t be maintained or fixed.

4) Brand Confusion

Very often, web designers aren’t graphic designers. They don’t understand the essence of your business’ brand. This often results in colour clashing and even worse a confused customer.

5) Lack of Content

Your web designer doesn’t spend the time he/she should to fill your site with information that your customers care about. Having a web site built for you with just a logo and your contact information is just a glorified business card.



Is “Advertising” a 4-letter Word?

Is “Advertising” a four letter word?
In the past, “Advertising”  has been associated with many different presuppositions: radio ads, t.v commercials, billboards, newspaper ads–and a whole lot of money to throw at all the other “swag” you need to buy. This might have been true in the past, but with modern marketing methods there are more cost effective and measurable (not to mention less tacky) ways of running an advertising campaign for your company.
With social tools such as “Facebook Ads”, you can run an ad to assist your campaigns goal while targeting the exact demographic that you are after. (down to age, sex, interests, geographical location). Running this in coherence with a well planned advertising campaign can prove to be a very powerful tool.
There is a misconception that running an advertising campaign needs thousands and thousands of dollars. Yes, some do, but you can create a clear, concise advertising campaign to promote your product/service to the exact people that you would like to reach without spending your entire marketing budget.
While you are forming your marketing plan this spring, instead of using your entire budget on multiple, separate, forms of marketing, why not launch an advertising campaign that will help maximize your efforts. The synergy between different marketing mediums can create huge results.
You may be surprised at some of the tools in “new marketing” that will provide powerful results and help you stretch your dollars.
Contact us to find out what an advertising campaign can do for your company.

Steinbach Web Design

Three Marketing

Has now been up and running for 5 months. All we can say is that we are absolutely THRILLED at the response we’ve received from our clients! We have been nothing but busy working with some of the greatest clients we could have ever ask for.

When it comes to marketing in Steinbach, the biggest topic that comes up seems to be Websites and Web Design. This is no surprise to us as more and more Steinbach businesses are learning that the internet is here to stay. Having a website built is no longer a luxury–it is an industry standard.

Web design is based around more than just a page with a logo and your business’ contact information. At Three Marketing we ensure that websites not only look their best–they also do their job…and that is being a full-time salesman.

In the 90’s, when you wanted renovations done in your house, you picked up the yellow pages and searched “Renovations”. You would then call the first ad that jumped out at you. The Google is the new yellow pages, and your website is that ad that has less than 5 seconds to pull the customer in. Making sure that your website shows up in the first 3 rows on Google is how businesses are becoming more and more successful.

How do I get my website to show up first?

You ask? The answer is simple…CONTENT.

Filling your website with valuable information about what you do and how you do it is not only important to your customer, it’s important to Google. In this blog alone, I’ve already mentioned “Steinbach” and “web design” or “websites” several times. This will prove to boost our ratings on Google within weeks. Remember, Google is LOCATION BASED. That means for the most part you don’t have to worry about competing with Joe’s Renos out of BC.

What comes after content?

Aside from having an engaging website with detailed information for your customers to research and Google to eat up…you need to make sure your site LOOKS good. Web design, though most won’t be aware of this, is an art form (at least that’s what we creative directors say to keep our egos afloat!). The average human spends LESS THAN 30 SECONDS on a website when they are looking for a service. If your site is an eye-sore in any way, shape or form–You are losing customers. Nobody likes to hear this but it’s the harsh truth of the new millennium. Customers are picky and skeptical when it comes to the online world.

Tips for website/web design success:

Brand it! Get your logo up, match your colours and be consistent.

No cheese! Gimmicks no longer are a selling feature (sound effects, music, flash player)

Use your face. People like to see that your business is trustworthy. What better way then having an “About Us” page showing you and your winning smile?

Update, Update, Update. Keeping your website current is a great way of letting your clients know you’re still around…it also boosts your rankings on google.

Link it. Have links leading to your site. Use Facebook, friendly companies and free listing sites to send traffic to your site.


For more information on websites and web design in the Steinbach area, contact or phone 204.346.4418


How Your Brand Is Affecting Your Business

The new culture of consumers is beginning to flood the market. Are you and your business ready?

Where “Quality” was once an admired standard and a main selling feature–it has been replaced by “Appeal”.

The new culture of buyers not only have to be provided with supreme and immediate quality (the attention span of this generation is: NOW), they must also be entertained and drawn in.

The simplest way to do this is to ensure that your current brand not only fits your business…it must also fit your client.

For example: Trades-workers (renovators, plumbers, electricians, residential landscapers, etc)

The majority of trades-workers generally feel obligated to brand themselves as “tough” and “grungy” when it comes to logos and aesthetic design.

Who are their customers?

Studies show that when it comes to home products and services over 75% of women have the final say in where the money is spent.

Will the women chose this?

With Steinbach growing so fast in population (22% increase since 2008) and more choices than ever, consumers will be looking for the brand that appeals to them.

Who signs the cheque at the end of the job?

Does your brand look cool to you? …does it appeal to your customers?


Steinbach Loves Facebook

In a recent study performed by Three Marketing, statistics are showing that the majority of citizens in Steinbach and it’s surrounding area are actively using Facebook.

If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page and you are looking for an increase in reach you may want to adjust your advertising strategies to incorporate Facebook as a major tool.



When making Facebook Ads, you can target your demographics very specifically into the sub-categories listed (men, mothers, iPhone users).


Advertising Vs. Marketing

A common misconception people make is “marketing” and “Advertising” are the same thing. “Marketing” is the communication of a business to its viewers. “Advertising” is an outlet of marketing. Creating a marketing strategy for your company does not have to break the bank. Many different approaches can be taken to accommodate many different budgets. However, industry standard tells us that marketing budgets should be anywhere between 2-8% of gross annual sales. Taking huge risk by setting budgets that you can’t afford is as harmful as not setting any. Balance is key in all parts of life, the extremes of a marketing budget is no different.
Seth Godin has soon good advice in one of his latest blogs:

Too many companies don’t run many ads for themselves

Spending money on your own account is a difficult psychological hurdle. Lots of small businesses get stuck in this chasm, happy to pitch, to network, to send out proposals and to work far into the night, but hesitate when it comes time to pay actual cash money for marketing, trade show booths or other sorts of media.

For the bootstrapper, for the woman who has worked so hard to get to postive cash flow, it feels dangerously daring, on the verge of insanity.

The question is: do successful businesses spend money on media, or does spenidng money on media make you successful?

(I think it’s some of both.)”

Read more of Seth Godin’s blogs here: Seth Godin Blog

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3 Easy Tips to Strengthen Your Brand

In the “small business” world, it is very common for businesses to be unaware of the effects their brand has on it’s viewers. Small business owners don’t have as much time to focus on their brand because their work and employees usually take priority. That being said, in a world where starting your own business is becoming more prevalent, it is more important that ever to be aware of your brand and the impacts it has on your clients and future customers.

What If McDonalds Had Green Arches?:

Colour is the first thing the eye notices–it is also the fastest acting agent in visual memory. Has your business selected a color to coincide with your brand? This colour choice would be used for your logo, signage, decals, etc. If the graphic on your truck is yellow and the sign on your building is green, you are sending mixed signals to potential clients. Consistency in colour help build brand equity while having an inconsistent colour scheme will confuse your market. When clients come to us for branding we like to take the phycology of colour into consideration. Here are some very basic examples of how color impacts the human brain:

Blue: Represents trust and security
Green: Encourages growth, and prosperity
Red: Creates a sense of urgency or hunger (it is the most recognizable but also the most common in some industries)
Yellow: Encourages appetite (although it can be the hardest to read)
Orange: Associated with ambition and energy

The use of colour is a very effective tool in branding and marketing. Everything from the shade of the colour, to the frequency of its use plays a large roll in how the brand is received. As we learn more about consumer perception and the psychology that surrounds it, we can increase the strength of our marketing.

The Thing About Slogans:

Does your company have a slogan? Slogans are very often overlooked or misused in small businesses. There is a common misconception that slogans have to rhyme or be more catchy than the business next door — this is not always the case. Instead of looking at it as a slogan, think of it as a “one sentence opportunity” to let your viewers know: “What you do and why you do it”. For example, hundreds of companies use initials–very often it’s initials of full names or a partnership. Let’s say you are “ABC Builders” … is your viewer aware that you do residential work? If you had a clear, concise slogan stating what your company does, you are clearly communicating to your potential clients. If they don’t know what you do, chances are, they will move on to the “XYZ” company that is the same company, but has more effective communication and branding.

Remember, branding is communicating with your audience. Provide your market with the easiest channel to understand who you are, what you do, and most importantly (for the sake of growth), make it as easy as possible for them to buy your product.

Mobile Billboards:

The title isn’t as complicated as it sounds…do you have a company truck? A trailer? Employees? These are all examples of mobile billboards. Decals are becoming more and more affordable. This gives you dozens of square feet of free ad space. Driving up and down streets with a strongly branded mobile billboard will make your business more recognizable and more memorable. If you have a handful of employees or an entire workforce, you can place your logo on their shirts, jackets, hats, etc. This will give your business a professional look and shows customers that you care about your brand. Your employees will be more than happy to walk around advertising for you everywhere they go.

These are just a few ideas that are worth looking into and exploring. Strong branding doesn’t mean that you have to have an unlimited marketing budget. These are very cost effective ways of achieving your marketing goals.

As the world around us becomes more and more competitive. You should be proud of your brand and it should support the quality of service or product you provide.

If you have any questions regarding this email feel free to contact our creative director Mike Burnard: or 204.346.4418

We would be more than happy to sit down and talk about what your brand can do for you!

Three Marketing Inc. is proud to be Steinbach’s most trusted marketing agency.