How YouTube Can Change Your Company for the Better!

50% of online searches are for videos. YouTube has become the worlds second largest search engine because of this. Harnessing the power of YouTube for your company can start a buzz about your business and drive traffic to your website and phone lines.

There are three types of videos successful businesses rely on. Viral, Informative and Testimonials.


Viral videos generate the most buzz and views over any other form of video. Everybody has a friend who simply has to show off “the funniest video” that they found on YouTube (We have noticed a definite increase of Cat videos over the last 2 years). Producing a viral video can be extremely hard–but it is possible. If you are going for a viral video there are literally no rules (other than nudity and criminal acts). K-Swiss recently launched a campaign with actor Danny McBride who promotes the company in the most vulgar ways. The only question is, how sensitive is your demographic?

If I could give you a step-by-step guide to making a viral video I would, however this is not possible. There is no formula to making a viral video (other than feline integration) nor is there a way to guarantee it would go viral.


This is where you can have complete control over your content, be demographically specific and be professional. Creating informative videos is the key to successful video marketing. For example, if you’re a plumber, once a month, why not put out an easy “do-it-yourself” video for a common problem? This creates trust between you and the viewer and, if they are successful, gives you credibility. They will continue to come back to your site or YouTube channel because they now have respect for you.

Your views won’t necessarily hit the 6,000,000 mark, however since the video is search specific (e.g.: how to unplug your toilet the right way) you know that your content has value to the few viewers who watch it.


Testimonials are great–Especially in communities. A strong testimonial from a well liked person in your community can do wonders for your company. The trick is to get a strong testimonial that doesn’t look too fabricated, upload it to YouTube, then stream it to your website! This makes your site both interactive and effective.


Effective Ways To Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn seems to intimidate the majority of users. Essentially it’s a formal version of Facebook.

A major upside to LinkedIn is the ability integrate yourself into conversations and topics within groups of your field. For example: If you’re a veterinarian you can join a group called “Veterinarians of Canada” (not sure if that really exists) where you can view topics that touch on the latest policies, tools being introduced to your practice and professional opinions. If you happen to be an expert in your field and you’re confident enough to jump into these topics, your credibility can sky-rocket. Customers are out there watching and they will jump at the most knowledgable tradespeople.

Aside from topics, properly using LinkedIn for your business can open up opportunities to:

Obtain new customers through online recommendations.

Find the right vendors to outsource projects to.

Build your industry network.

Get answers to business questions by asking experts.

Win new business by answering questions.

Raise funding for projects.

Convince potential clients of your expertise by sharing value-added blog content.

Keep your friends close and your competition closer.

The Products and Services tab allows you to highlight your products/services with banners that lead to designated URLs

Asking customers to write recommendations for you.

All of these suggestions are very pro-active as is the LinkedIn platform. Establishing a solid presence in the LinkedIn world is very achievable but requires dedication.


5 Easy Twitter Ideas

Next in our “Social Media Saga” is the platform known as “Twitter”.

Twitter is used for many different reasons, if you’re an avid Justin Bieber fan (Hey, don’t judge) you can then “follow” him on Twitter and get updates any time he posts. For the most part, celebrity Twitters have the most followers, however; Brands are now turning to Twitter as an effective marketing tool!

Listed below are 5 simple ideas for Twitter, they’re easy steps for the Twitter user who doesn’t want to become too involved.

Tip 1. Follow professionals you can learn from:

Every line of work has an expert in the field SOMEWHERE in the world who tweets. Very often you can get easy to read, tips and tricks to strengthen your company OR to stay up to date with the latest trends in your industry.

Tip 2. Download Tweet Deck:

Tweet Deck is an extremely useful tool for businesses. It allows you to add ALL of your social platform accounts into one application. You can ALSO use the schedule function to send out Tweets (or other platform updates) at specific times of the day OR days of the week! Essentially, you can sit down on a Monday morning and write all your tweets for the day or week and let Tweet Deck do the rest! To learn more about Tweet Deck visit

Tip 3. Advertise Your Website:

While using Twitter, you can stumble upon users who are posting advice OR seeking advice. This is a great opportunity to link them to your website to drive traffic into your company!

Tip 4. Tell Your Friends:

Once again, some people don’t want their friends to get involved in their social media strategies. The key word here is “Social” if you have friends, they are sure to have friends who haven’t heard of your business! Be conversational.

Tip 5. Promotional Deals:

Let your clients know that you have a company Twitter; If you are a business-to-customer company, tell your clients that Twitter followers get access to special promotional items otherwise unavailable to regular clients.

Once again, these blogs are geared towards small Manitoba businesses and are not necessarily advisable on a corporate level. Be sure to read our blog next week when we address Linked In!


9 Easy Ways to Use Facebook Effectively for Your Business

Despite what you may think, more people use Facebook than your teenage daughter and her peers. Facebook is now the home to over 800,000,000 active users today.

Before we go on to write about the steps to turning your small business into a Facebook success, here are some stats from “Search Engine People” to encourage you about the effectiveness of using Facebook as an efficient lead generator.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world!

Canadians use Facebook more than ANY other country.

The average user spends 20 minutes per day on Facebook

44% of women aged 18-24 check their Facebook status BEFORE going to the washroom when they wake up in the morning.

If you want your business to grow, you need to meet your customers where they’re at. Facebook is doing nothing but growing. This is a chance for your company to have an interactive presence, while creating mind-share.


Now that I have your attention, lets make Facebook work, shall we? Here are 9 suggestions for you to use to make your Facebook page a lead generator!

1) Be interactive!

Since we are gearing this blog towards smaller sized businesses, we can truly focus on giving your company a personality. Facebook isn’t a high-strung, game-face, cutthroat environment–it’s a comfortable, relaxed and personable place for people to communicate. If a person comments on your status update or leaves a wall post saying “I love your work”, show them love right back! Be sure to spell check and be polite.

2) Update Update Update:

If you are choosing to use social media as a tool, remain vigilant with your updates! Setting up a schedule or reminders on your phone are great ways to stay consistent with your online presence. If your viewers see that you haven’t checked your page in 3 weeks, chances are they won’t be dropping you a line.

3) Photos:

Recently have a company BBQ? Have a client win a monthly draw? These are all occasions when photos are taken and people are interested in. Don’t be afraid to show candid shots of your employees laughing…or you for that matter!

4) Tell Your Friends!:

There is no shame in inviting all of your friends on Facebook to your company page. The more the merrier. If your friend Joe has another hundred friends and he “likes” your business page, they will see! Who knows how many people your friends can influence!

5) Polls:

This is an underrated tool that Facebook provides for free! Right above your status update, there are options listed. One of these options are “Questions”. When you use this feature you can ask your followers any question and list choices for them to select. Facebook automatically tallies the votes and lets you know what your audience wants!

As you can see, I could go on forever about Facebook. The possibilities with social media are endless! The backbone being Facebook. Feel free to follow us on our Facebook page and be sure to check out our blog next week about how Twitter is taking over the nation and how YOU can use it to bring in even more business for your company!


Get Noticed in Your Online Community

“Does my company NEED social media?” is a very common question these days. You will hear people from smaller communities (such as Steinbach) who are willing to fight to the death denying the importance of social media.

The reality is Social Media is here to stay.

More and more people are turning to the internet for their source of information. According to Search Engine People (an online internet marketing company) there are statistics to support this statement (keep in mind, these stats are from 2010–meaning according to growth trends these numbers are more than likely higher now):

The Canadian Population is over 34,000,000 strong.
25,086,000 (or 73.78%) of those Canadians use the internet (Yes, even your spouse’s mother is using it! (also this blog contains more brackets than it should.))


Canadians spend an average of 44 hours online per month. Double the global average.

Over the next few weeks, Three Marketing will be blogging about each of the main Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn) to inform you on the importance of each web tool. We will explain in detail how to utilize these sites to your full advantage.

Remember, one good review has the potential to bring in 30 new customers. Think about putting your website in front of the eyes of your entire community

Your clients are out there searching for you right now. Will they find you?


Does My Company Need Marketing?

“Does My Company Need Marketing?”

Do you often ask yourself “Does my company need marketing”? If the thought is there then you probably do. Statistics Canada shows that 52% of small businesses fail within the first five years. 75% of small businesses don’t have a marketing strategy. There is a correlation there between two statistics that should not be ignored.

The answer is “yes”. The question small businesses should be asking themselves is “What can marketing do for my business”. There are very basic steps to start with to kickstart your company and follow through processes to keep the momentum of your company going.

Successful fortune-500 company owners all agree that marketing is an investment rather than a cost. Developing a strong brand creates an emotional attachment between your valued clients and your company. U.S. Small Business Association suggests “You may want to increase your marketing budget figure to as much as 10% of expected gross sales”. At Three, we do not want you to take it to the extreme of 10%. We are able to work with any budget and are glad to do so.


Changing your company logo is not an easy choice to make, however, in some cases it’s necessary. Sometimes it is to re-spark your company’s moral, but often you just have to keep up with the ever-changing world.

There is more to a logo than most people think. There is a definite psychological implication behind every choice you make when creating a logo. Shapes, fonts and colors ALL set of triggers in the human brain. Some are calming, trusting, exciting and some trigger impulse. (The almighty McD*****s for example has two very powerful impulse colors, red and yellow).


Websites have the potential to be your greatest tool. Having an active web presence is no longer an indulgence, it’s a necessity. If you want to at the very least keep up with your competitors, a website is a must. 80% of internet users search for products and services online. Putting your company’s site on the front page of Google is now one of the most effective forms of advertising your business will ever invest in.


Facebook is no longer just an internet site that your children fight each other for to the death over. It is now an active online social connection to over 800,000,000 active users. How does this affect your company? Even though it’s an “online world” it is still community based. In North America, the majority of users are the new generation, and middle-aged women. Statistics are now showing that in over 75% of North American homes, the wife is the final decision maker when it comes to finances. If your company utilizes Facebook’s “Company Pages” function, you are now putting the face of your company in front of thousands of potential valued clients.

There are many more ways to market your company. I am only scratching the surface in this blog. I hope it has been helpful for you. If you have any questions at all be sure to call us!Marketing and strategy



Search Engine Optimization

Having a website built around SEO essentially means: “show up first on Google”. Google is the most used search engine on the internet today. Building your site with SEO in mind increases the chance of you showing up FIRST when the name of your product or service is typed in on Google.

When someone is new to a region they rely on Google as a referral tool. For example, if they are looking for a hair salon, they won’t know the names of the salons, they will simply type in “Steinbach Hair”. A list of related categories will then show up. Instinct on the internet is to examine one of the first three choices. At this point they will look for a comfortable brand, functional website and client testimonials.

Building a website with clear and concise content is essential for attracting relevant Google searches; but a website needs to stay active and current.

Here is a list of ways to keep your company’s website current and SEO friendly.

1) Blogging
Blogging can be integrated into your website. It is a great way of communicating with potential clients that have landed on your page. Whether it’s an engaging topic or a monthly sale special, it is the easiest form of staying current with your site visitors.

If your website doesn’t function properly, contains dead links, or is only a one-page site–Google will not find it. It is imperative to maintain your site and have path links throughout your site to prove it’s functionality to Google.

3) Back Links
Back-links are one of the most effective ways of grabbing Google’s attention. Some company’s pay thousands of dollars a year to for active pages to host back-links. Social Media, however, is a free way of achieving this. Social Media is one of the strongest marketing tools within your reach. It focuses on local communities and gives your company an interactive online presence while hosting back-links directly to your website.

Google AdWords
Paying Google a monthly fee is an easy way of ensuring that your company shows up at the top of the page.


Hello Steinbach!

Steinbach has a new face in town! Three Marketing is proud to announce our branch is now open for business in Steinbach, Manitoba. Our physical location in Steinbach is currently under construction, however, we are still taking on numerous clients! Be one of the first companies in Steinbach of your trade to work with Three and watch your business leave your competitors in the dust!

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