5 Tools to Simplify Your Business

As a business owner, I know how important it is to use my time effectively. The old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is no longer relevant. We are coming into an age that requires every business owner to strategically focus his/her time. This article contains easy steps/programs that will save you time and as an end result save you money.

1. CRM – Customer Relationship Software

If you are still using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of your clients, chances are you are headed for or already have a headache. Using Cloud-Based  CRM software, you can keep track of your current and past clients using simple online technology that you can access from ANYWHERE.

Don’t discredit CRM’s by labelling them “online databases”. Most CRM’s let you track the progress of your potential clients by labelling them from leads to contacts to clients. An incredibly effective sales tool.

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2. Email Program

Most companies once again use spreadsheets to compile long lists of clients to email in mass quantities. If done too often, your email address or worse, your website domain may be marked as a spam source. This can permanently disable your email and/or website. Using a proper email program is cheap and extremely effective.

The best feature most email programs have is the ability to keep separate send lists (i.e.: potential clients, current clients, employees, partners, etc). You can also use built in tracking programs to validate the success of your sent emails by discovering how many people opened your email, who clicked what link, who is interested in your current promotion, etc.

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3. DropBox

How many times have you tried to send an email with an attachment but the attachment was just too big to send? How many times do you wish that your folder of current projects was accessible by your co-workers? DropBox is the solution to these headaches and many more.

I won’t even list competitors for this service. DropBox is the most user-friendly Cloud-Based file sharing system on the internet. Purchasing DropBox for your company’s employees will save you hundreds of hours of wasted time.

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4. Synced Calendars

Have a list of corporate events coming up but don’t want to print out hundreds of memos on paper and hand them out? Using a cloud-based calendar may be the ultimate solution. Give your employees access to only the events you want them to see, syncing with their SmartPhones and desktops.

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5. Receipt Tracking & Accounting

Wave is a very cool program that allows you to also integrate your smartphones and use them as scanners for your expense receipts. This program keeps track of your employees receipts and replaces the shoebox full of unorganized proof of spending.