Your Audience Doesn’t Care

As harsh as it sounds…this is what we tell our clients to keep in mind when building a marketing strategy. Create your advertising with the knowledge that the general public doesn’t care. This will force you to be effective as possible in the least amount of time.

The average person is exposed to over 10,000 forms of marketing on a daily basis…that’s 7 messages a minute! That gives each piece of marketing 8.5 seconds to get their message across. The only way you get those 8.5 seconds is by grabbing their attention and in the marketing clutter of today, it’s not easy.

If you had 8.5 seconds to tell someone about your company, would you bombard them with information faster than you can speak? Or would you rather give them something to remember you by–an incentive that gives you permission to have their full attention later down the road.

As a small business owner, I personally find it hard to do this. I take pride in my business and am excited to talk about it–it’s human nature; However human nature has it’s counterparts: where one cares, the other does not.